your day in court

how to escape a dull day
leather riders on
paper rivers
motioning you to
soft imprisonment

too much fear today
sitting upright
hard and attentive

i’m slipping and
there is no control
no understanding
only the coldness
of black and white statute

in these false temple halls
there is only trepidation
and under elegant walls
a beast dwells waiting for resignation

sub-human shapes litter the room
they are slaves and acolytes
to the most dangerous of religions

no victim, no crime
yet modern justice
is nothing more than
a members only club
with one motto
subservience to the state

it’s a rigged game with
mandatory motions
obscure rules
and one sided discussions

unimportant and unquestioning
as we are threatened
with and deprivation and robbery
and “sentences” are handed down with
hollow laughter from high places

over-medicated and under educated
with unrealistic expectations
we are lulled and misled
toward an unreal illusion

what is it that makes us strong
telling lies to ourselves
or saving the world?
which race is the best race?
the slave race
that’s the one thing
they won’t tell you
the one thing
that keeps them alive
i only wish to
and rattle these snakes from the bushes

a heartfelt plea
in the end they’ll always fuck you

if i were to sit
on that high, hollow
wooden bench
and issue my decree
it would read thus
“the state can eat a big bag of dicks!”



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