time as an abstract and monetary novelty

wake up!
clocked in again
as a golden fog
is draped upon the morning
it’s an almost….winter haze
as saturday’s silver lining
is shrouded and self-serviced
in the shocked and deadlocked
saber tooth sabbath

too much stuff
phallus of longevity
with links and bookmarks
as distant notes are
lashed together
in a labored tempo
and sentient synthesizers are
robed in black wisdom
revealing unstable half truths

grey-green hues laid against
white templates
un-absorbed as we infuse
sight and sound
cavorting with an unholy muse
i cite incomplete sentences
with decay as a sign of release

some mornings all i need are words
words to remind me
and words to bind me
words to console and construct
myths that lie just beyond
cognitive madcapery
words that resemble outcomes
dangled, then deleted by the fates

tick tock, click lock

reconciled and re-appropriated
as time moves forward
and then back again
indirect and
circling towards inconsistency

distracted by
the constant lure
and melodic purr
of this majestic cat
and subverted by
the curse of my own inaction
theses words and phrases
are played
and then betrayed
consumed, slowed down
and rendered inert
among coffee stained keyboards
and half-hearted redirections

swirling around
weary wards and
white paper days
we sit on cold steps
waiting for a western adventure
the beginning is usually
the same as the end
rarely anticipated
and often

ohh how the gods love
a reluctant fool




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