a world without end

throttled again
with makeshift makeovers
as the pen runs out of ink
and the morning brews with miscalculation

as eyes penetrate
and elect the enemy
and the mouth spills forth
words that no longer have any meaning

burned too quick
as the brain bows
and grants readmission
hands and feet creep
seductively to another molten submission

as the stomach churns
and a lonely heart burns
the back is broken
from years of conquests unspoken

as the girl ignores you
and the moment is lost
cast out or
cast in,
forgotten stone
littered with withered bone
drunk and dismembered
in a ritual procession
of this false profession

as the fountain runs dry
and gas stations no longer serve
homeless homebodies are crippled
and left to think, without a drink
of what they should preserve

as familiars patterns begin to fade away
and all the tricks of the trade
have transformed to deadly nightshade

as a faded flag waves tattered and torn
and another useless superstar is born

as the lungs refuse to breath
and a warrior’s sword is unsheathed

as the traffic begins to bleed
and reluctant travelers angrily recede
garbage is recycled
and delicate flowers no longer spew their seed

newspapers die in favor of something less tangible
as old men give way
to younger versions of themselves
and the only sound on the pier
is that of seagulls in heat

as all our bridges continues to rust
and that obsessive gambler
continues to bust

as the notebook is filled
and bitter beer is spilled
the mountains move with each song
as we consume rolling hits from a golden bong

god metal and glass satan
laughing toward the same end
and sipping blood wine among graffiti ruins

as bukowski’s ghost
is taunting a desperate host
and the lords and ladies are robbed of all incentive

as we drive with no destination
searching for the fix
with broken souls
lingering and mixed

as humanity continues to sail dangerous tides of
endless war, pollution, and greed
slaves of a poorly chosen elite
are buried and left to bleed

tv trances mixed with lost dances
hypnotize and mesmerize the masses
as crackpots, buffoons and depots
continue to call the shots

as the rent is due
so fades summer’s hue
the swarm continues to subdue
and the gods come calling for a fate long overdue

as i write this
it’s almost time to go
the world has just gone crazy
and soon, i’m sure to follow



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