one last burst of extinction

the white walls of night
fade into something new
as clocks tick
like razor blades of grass
brushing against a soft moon

the eyes recede
and the tongue recoils
as erratic music whispers
long forgotten feats
and feral cats
dance in square motions

the water boils
and the fruit spoils
rubber men
beautiful gargoyles

the hunter becomes
the hunted
as revolution makes way
for conformity
and evolution
surrenders to popularity

colorless people
on colorless streets
are flirting, fighting, and fucking
like mad crows
to the tune
of some colorless beat

man’s mad orchestra
sounds so sweet
to untrained ears
style dissolves in the fat
of pharmaceutical truth
as technology erases humanity
and we wait patiently for nothing

bony old hands
strum nuclear blues
as the children are forgotten
roses that once bloomed
in a tsunami of tall tales
now refuse to grow

all this i’ve seen
from my living room
from my bed
and from my car

i used to believe
the word could
save us
but now i know it can only
comfort us
till the end arrives

god forgot to set the alarm clock
and now the inmates
are running the asylum
the fools are running free
as oblivion plays
the last movement
of it’s fateful symphony



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