looking for the cure

middle aged dopamine dreams
mixed with lethargic artistry
creating blackened schemes
and unmeasured extremes
great green goddess
help me silence
these dampened screams
and balance these
uneven themes

timeless chimera

devout depression
manifested as
empirical expression

find it, fix it
fuck it and kill it
drawing a dissident response
as the passive flow of infinity
fills me and follows
my melancholic misdirection

gripped in silent rhapsody
i can’t remember
where i left the door
so with rhythmical subsidy
i struggle to
implore the whore
and ignore
this callous metaphor
because faith has fallen
manically to the floor

a dream of twins
and old endings set right
each day is a short story
and all the best scenes
take place at night

so many women
remembered and half served
but only the finest know
that i write best
when alone

flowers from a forgotten age
black wistful sage
guide me through this
turbulent night’s rage

madness romanticized
and grey hairs accessorized

downgrade and release
question the exquisite question
with sunglasses set to
sudden extermination
i’m redefining imagination

wholesale existence
hack into a mild form of resistance

i’ve given orders
to the soldiers of free love
to dismember
all the alarm clocks of the world
for they serve the beast
and prevent the feast
of satirical saints in harmony

change welcomes us all
binding us to these
sacrificial city streets
and with playful heartbeats
the old gods
knock erratically at our door
and toss fate upon the floor




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