riding with the agents of oblivion

decile distance
dropping a dramatic declaration
and dancing with defaced dedication
eyelids turn to stone
and chrome couples ride shotgun
down a melting graffiti road

reanimated with idle conversation
they are recreated and revealed
under a burning ghetto sun
dust in the passing lane
and stopped
just short of midnight love

haunted and hunted
by memories of
singular symmetry
gathering in a makeshift forum
for a confused and lonely chorus
we are
clocked and convicted
autonomously measured
in a sub cellular climate
and then silently evicted

dictionaries are wiped clean
one, three, five
unfamiliar routine
cut to the post credit scene

breakfast with the morning she devil
as the the father crow
calls upon a decadent hour
the council of casual cats
sit idle
like celestial bodies
observing the progress of man

the gods have granted us
one last chance
to resist the conformity
of consumable coffins
lying in wait

don’t waste it



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