is it interruption or fate?


alarm clock remembrance
with a sudden breath
hastily held in reserve
uneventful hangover
not nearly as fun as
a midnight bangover
why did i choose to consume
that last glass of wine?
i suppose there were just
too many secrets to tell

interrupted and baptized by a cold sweat
this morning like so many others
possesses just enough
drab discontent
to remain true
to a sad spirit
distant and blue

too early to judge the day
as pitted roads and
perpetual power lines
reveal no comfort
no reason to stay

it’s all fog
in the morning rush
i can barely read
the surrounding signs
and i can’t remember my pin number

unrevised and
i’m set to autopilot
waiting for a sudden destination

spring souls are sleeping late
on a summer’s day
as red trees and purple dreams
whistle through an impossible wilderness
and the lions of lacuna
have come calling
for slow death
and black morning coffee


i can ruminate and meditate
all i want
but he never died
he’s still there
circling the middle of my mind
and he’s winning this war

alone with no one of consequence
i’ve misplaced my memories
and clouded visions are baiting my soul
it’s a celebration of nothing
revealing a path of crooked stones
that spell words of uncertainty

remember the fire
finite responses spent
in an alcoholic frenzy
as grey skies bloom
second chances under a fascist moon

too quick
and perhaps a little too
i’m waiting for the next moment
of bliss
yes yes, don’t fight it
grant me just one kiss
as vampires and wolves
prowl the square temple

seven stars
traced upon the face of
a blank landscape
reveal hesitation
sacred cards are lined up
like smoked columns
waiting to be scarred and forgotten

how long before the lords of light
sentence me to obscurity?

the owl is hidden
and i’m
only half a magician

i’m not sure
if i’m crazy enough
to complete this shady ritual



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