type type type

click click click
type for the losers
that know nothing of the real world
type for the cats
continually trying to climb into your lap
type for the girls
who think you’re clever
type for the old woman
that thinks poetry is very nice
type for that magical woman
that forever pervades your thoughts
type for mothers and fathers
who’s love shaped you into who you are today
type for the teachers
who always knew you’d amount to something

type for
click click
wait what was that
mental indigestion
a pause, with
hair caught in knots

type to fight the fog that keeps rolling in

type for the tired and desperate cashier
that shoots you a subtle smile
type for the used car salesman
that just can’t catch a break
type for the lost soul a thousand miles away
that knows you better than most
type for madness
type for sadness
type for resolution
type for a happiness almost attainable
type for winter’s end
type for mysteries you’ve yet to discover
type for music that sets your mind at ease
type because you like to hear the sound
of keyboard clicks

another pause
sudden indication of
uncertain direction
click click click
type to pass the time, don’t decline

type for the old man
that has lost all hope
type for the dog
napping on your bed
type for your close friends
who have no idea who you really are
type for the special ones
that are no longer here
type for the addicts
that just can’t seem to quit
type for souls damaged
because words can sometimes heal
type because you don’t want to leave the house
type for glory
type for need of a story

furiously pounding those keys
another pause, always with the cats
right now my oldest is climbing
peeking out a half open window
the moment has passed

type for ashtrays almost full
type for bottles almost empty

type for distraction
type for boredom
type for creativity
type for inexperience
type from pain
type for salvation
the future
type to keep going
break the line
type to let it flow
or possibly to let go
type to avoid denial
and remember who you are
and finally, type because it just feels good



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