the end of obsolescence

so many lights
mixed with improvised music
sound rained down in sanitizing waves
it was a dance of
calamitous intent
i didn’t drink
i felt, aged and cautious
sitting there was all i could do
i just listened
barley observing the swirling actions
of human ambition surrounding me

my charm had no power here
out of place
i wasn’t born to hustle
and i knew my cause was lost
before i even began
i kept my composure neutral
so as not to intrude on the one i was seeking
futility, unwanted and unneeded
strangers seem so much stronger on the outside
the revelation hit me then
like so many times before
i’m just not like other people
it’s okay though
i’d rather be different
in a world that is so cheap
this was no place to be genuine

i’d chosen the wrong path
yet fate kept nudging me
where i refused to go
walking along the riverbank
i knew deep down there’d be peace
i heard the call
virtual and distant
it was the last night of
trying to fit in
from now on
there would only be
truthful tomorrows




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