a gentle call for release

these words from flowing
out of my soul
and into your eyes
restrain them
with moonbeams
internal temperance
and subtle extremes
i can’t decide if
too much time has passed
or not enough
perhaps it’s time
for pause
with an eviction
of this uncertain clause

with a persistence that will never wane
i hope that someday you will see
i’ve always been here
truth doesn’t die it just hides
and i’m waiting for the spark
that will melt away
the mask of
unnecessary protection
you wear

planetary covens
blooming with distorted beacons
of absurd necessity
broadcasting static absolutes
and shields of an oppressed mindset

i felt your avoidance
held within useless complication
and the sundown of imperfection
it steers you towards
another temporary execution
of pure feeling
an onlooker dissenting the self
though cautious and mindful you may be
fear not that which lies within

for i’ve permitted you entrance
to the temple of my sacred heart
at it’s center lies
the perfect visage
of my astrological counterpart

beauty bathed in a midnight fire
and burning past the illusion of one
once tapped and now raging
held out involuntarily
it was summoned from
far below the surface
warring waiting
for a time when we will be joined again
all doubts in comfort negating

so with love and wisdom
in quiet distance
i do impart
memories and dreams rekindled
seek not to depart
as this beast of change is cultivated
and embraced in new art

patience is bred with destruction
as acceptance falls into renewal

the phoenix calls it’s mindful mate
can you hear?



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