in the meantime

conversations like car crashes
lining up against the side
of some forgotten road
we waited for the inevitable firing squad
to finish what these rouge actions began

death in the comfort of
fantastic belief

with an obstructed view
we sampled a witches brew
and for a time too much
was never enough
but then
the return policy expired
and the pronouns of he she and we
were left to stir
in an ocean of uncertainty

she said it was
delaying the inevitable
and now
the night always seems to arrive
unannounced and unwelcome
i’ve spent minutes that stretch like years
adjusting to this new reality
it’s all just  a fallacy
and most don’t know the true meaning of love

how to dispel these demons
in deference to dopamine dreams
i think of all the moments we’ve spent in this bed
the energies we stirred, conjured
where have they gone
have they dissipated
or changed, formed into something new

too many apps
for this and for that
a carefree youth plays the fool
while a quiet man sits
waiting like a forgotten tool

once full of zeal
now too profound
too real
i believe these thoughts
are not my own
someone else has taken the wheel

i seek soul
and the fire
a shining choir
in the death of empire
give me a realm of desire
where passion will never retire

the world needs more lovers
and less men in suits
gardens and bargains

creators of eden
with sincere smiles
and unique styles

more cats, less rats
more communication
and less deportation
more travelers
and less teachers
more students
and honest preachers
of the single greatest word

it is forgotten by most
but i still remember



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