something for nothing
it’s a race to the bottom
as evening slips
from desperation to destitution
and the morning holds no kiss
or chance for reprieve

i’ve got two cents worth of
trouble in mind
not enough time
to make it right

the fallen fruits of my grace
now linger on the ground
uneaten rotting
and beaten

these words i wish to speak
hold no mystique
but they’re powerful enough
to ward off the one i seek
invites the inevitable
revelation of truths
too strong to bear

a beautiful star
from freedom
so far

held in thrall
through unending hell i’d crawl
no touch seems too small
and no cost seems too great
to wipe clean this disastrous  slate

cracked and racked
with grief
is it a disorder
or just a fucked up motif

handed down
certain to reach
the blue side of town
learning to live on less

i’ve gotta mix it up
change this record
from side a to b

sideways from the night
caught in an absence of light
life no longer seems black and white

too much pain
heart and mind nearly slain

gods grant me
that final line
one last time


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