waiting on hold

it’s all operator hell
waiting on hold
whether on a phone
or life

there seems to be no reprieve
from this sense of anxiety
and dull routine

i was promised adventure
instead i got an empty house
full of cats and broken toys

i’m not sure if i have
anything left today
i was on a roll
7 months and 2 days running
but now the soul has subsided

loss killed what little was left

i feel like i’m missing something
the ship set sail without me
i’m a place holder
and i’m wondering
how to do the wrong thing
the right way

i’m told it will get better
but does it really
does it ever get better
or does it simply roll on
the first noble truth

i asked her why
and she tried
to explain how
this light is quick
and temporary

memories as painful reminders

how can we love one another
when we can’t even love ourselves
we engage in
an expected ritual of
speaking unnecessary gratitude
in hopes of some minor redemption

it seems nobody appreciates
recognizes greatness

i no longer care if these poems are good
they have come full circle
and returned to their original intent
never forget
those that came before
there was a reason
if only for a season
they brought you
and mystery

their stories may have been untitled
but they were pages in yours
they remind you
what was never meant to be
and possibilities you couldn’t see


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