it’s all just a bunch of words

open then shut
addition and
sanitized suspicion
no remission
and left with only submission

count to ten
then die
or was it
in that moment
separated from
and the beast of
an abstract composition

maybe all this is just
one giant game of waiting

faces and places
of the world
everyone else sees
wild and wanting
for something more than
solid existence

only fools have open hearts

ambiguous words flow
like mistakes
on an unrepentant stream

and these bones
are restless
seeking to atone
for something
forgotten or unknown

i’ve never known when to quit
time and time again
i’ve fought the good fight
in a bad way

it’s a virtual stalemate
never losing
but never quite winning either

one more of this
and never enough of that
with nights that cut
like a dull knife
chewing around the edges
pain is pain
always familiar
in unrelenting way

wandering city streets
in and out of time
striving toward noble feats
and hanging thin on a rhyme

i’ve learned how to
walk well through the fire

constantly searching for
the high end of low
when will stars shone
a clear path home

i’m tired of sedition
and photographic assimilation
or was it just
of a minor ego

it’s this
tribal wisdom vs technological division
that steers me towards
natural rhythm and human revision

reticent and bent
on strange connections
we pray that these hallucinations
will lead to an elevation
of that personal trinity

forget that abysmal high

it’s always the pretty ones
that make you cry


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