the typo

the word
maybe just one letter
was off

always waiting
energies pulsating
underrated and forbidden
with no compensation

just around
the corner
mystery lies in heat
and i feel the need to beat
this sacrificial meat

vain and notorious
perhaps on the side
a little glorious
these myths always seem to fade into legend

we spend so many years
cutting, scraping
towards something new
and not so blue

with visions of great things to come
how easily we are undone
by words lurking inside
fuck this she said
i’ll just run and hide

the matrix doesn’t care
nor does it
vital secrets

tired of
being serious
tired of
being strong
tired of all this weakness
i’ve forgotten how to play that song

they want to burn me
turn me
abused and
fuck them
i’ve faithfully

hollow eyes reflect
all those seeking to infect
collect, reject
i’m quick to disconnect

dancing with a pocket full of
nickels and dimes
so little reason
yet intent on these rhymes

with road trips remembered
and holy ghosts dismembered

these men burn out too quick
and these women drive you to madness

yet in the end
this train only has
one direction
forever forward


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