caught between optimism and cynicism

burning yearning, churning and turning
all the world is just a beast
caged in mild torment

living in the basement
and watching heads nod
as reality becomes fiction
we are all caught up in this
illusion of collusion
such an irritating addiction

stuttered existence in circular motion
incomplete and weaving within
transparent stream of consciousness
as we stand between beams of dulled light
speaking softly to cats
under the shadow of the night

stop for a moment
and please tell me what is the
of all this madness

sudden exclamation and
unmet expectations
there’s denial on every street corner
it’s a nihilistic nightmare
and when you’re level
it’s hard to put this existence to words

a shot to the head
but no less dangerous
the cost is high
as we clumsily fortify
with direct distribution
and diluted destitution

how did we get here
working just to live
feeling, fleeting
as time slips through an eternal sieve

we are
beat up but still kicking
too stubborn to submit
fanning a fading spark of youth
as we search for
fighting the constant threat of
mental slavery’s containment

not wrong but not altogether right
the caption is backwards
in these hands of sleight

with musical rides
stemming uncertain tides
we are
and quick with eternity
rent,eat and sleep
as most follow like sheep

hacked and habitually sundered
they are, meddling with the melody
and, eventually plundered

no heroes on this road
only art
cycling in constant overload

we are vast in scope but shallow in spirit
fleshy being with minute potential
anti-social and confidential

one step leads to the next
as original sin
haunts the waking day


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