seasons, sessions,and simulations

scenarios of importance
played out like a traffic jam
with good intentions
we’ve twisted the world into
an impossible beast

most deeds have little value
but the consequences are scaled
often relative and misunderstood

we’ve become dead ringers
held in a tired and momentary procession
pursuing invalid equations
as we linger and repeat
until we’ve run out of steam

forever running
as the television sells streams
of single-minded distractions
ads within ads
and robotic movements
no simple life here
we’ve created the most perfect mutation

where is the buddah
in his enlightened
and immortal pose

caught between the apple and the arrow
change is like a kick in the teeth

i’ve lived the life of a square
and the life of a misfit
and i’ve yet to find any universal truth

posture, preparation, and performance
can only lead us so far
infinity has a way of playing tricks on the mind
we’re missing that one cliche line

with graveyard deliberation
and virtual communication
we’ve abandoned the spirit of
daimonic illumination

freedom is an illusion
it’s an abstract life
a symbolic idea
and one that turns on itself


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