the dreams of yesterday are the madnesses of tomorrow

yak yak yak
get back
cause i am
trapped and fat
lying under a purple sun
all this waiting has made me
come undone
so go now, run and
grab that gun
just for fun

the battle was set to begin at noon
but the show was cancelled
in favor of cagey doom
now and then, circling and starting from the center
i am
a borderline case, prophetic
and all over the place
always bent on some wild goose chase
all the while trying to save face
with words and missives
all particularly dismissive
so it went, with no forgiveness
the ritual progressed farther then intended
it was beautiful confusion in bloom
as the signals got blended
and the lines only surfaced when
unneeded or unheeded
with small victories ceded
to the mistress of the moon

and then he said
what the fuck ever
i’ve forgotten my dreams again
and never was i so slow
to shut the window
curtain calls
and white walls
as the tree falls
too many women and
too much truth for one day
hollow as it sets in
consume away
let us pray

i’ve been waiting awhile
to kill what’s left
just in time
an uneven rhyme
and with poetry
no two words fit
so often split

we always leave something behind
a memento, an excuse
a reason to come back
and try
one more time
expansion, exhaustion
so now
a moment of silence
just a few keystrokes
a well made fan
and the occasional motorist
passing by
this is morning
and angels no longer fly




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