the people who state at clouds

this ship is
full of
uncertain destinations
mad-cap machinations
cause it’s pilots are
drunk on
all the wrong things
forget war, injustice
these days we’re all about
football, walls
girl on girl action
and self righteous celebrities
invisible terrorists
pointless (s)elections
and talking heads who justify
too much of this
and not enough of that
everybody knows best
and the modern world
just isn’t interesting
cynical, we are
by social media
and gluten free suicide powder
I think humanity is
fucked, and
almost outta luck
lord, grant the masses
cryptic algorithms
and double vision
strong, tired
and trying to care
I sit here
a hopeful asshole,
a passive observer
cautious, curious
striving to be
an artist, irrelevant
and criticizing
what i don’t understand




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