a zero sum game

something came about quite suddenly
i see it all too clearly now
conditioning and propaganda
stamped on the american psyche
it’s the death of privacy
heralded with thunderous applause
social trends, tracking and tracing
trailing, most of us are
just being led
to an eventual war
of class, of race
of gender, and of humanity
too busy to notice
and to stupid to care
everything’s a conspiracy
and only their lives matter
remember when pink floyd sang about
us and them?
pointless declarations and lines in the sand
continually crossed, they
control you, don’t you see
you’ve given up too much
welcomed through the portal of
satire, the cult of personality, the great man
your smartphones, the internet, the media
are interconnected and interdependent
it’s mission creep, into your homes
your community, your churches, and into your mind
these chains will sit heavy my friend, trust that
the collective is closing in
and you have precious little time, but
this is not the end, fuck the revolution
and get down with the evolution
grey matter and grey markets
prepare, provide, and parley
decentralize, monetize your mind, and get smart
turn their tools against them
embrace the activism of subterfuge
say no, sanitize and sabotage the state
support your local anarchist
and saturate the world with love




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