looking back, we are
cartoonish, unfinished and
one face in the crowd
and just a little off
standardized with
40 hour work weeks
and mounting bills
horse pills and half breakfasts
it’s a meme based economy
navigating facebook posts
and unopened links
tangled views,no news
chinese food
the harlots are
filled with blues
it’s a a constant, and consistent
back and forth
indecisive and
hanging on the moment
with no recourse we’re
stuck in the middle and
lulled into hibernation
we’re clicked, licked, and tricked
into thinking
we’re something special
but always settling for less
the cat in the corner
stares with piercing eyes
as the nights grow shorter
with longer dreams
heaven is only a mile away
and bursting at the seams
we struggle to forget judgment day
no sleep now
it’s the possible endings
that makes us ponder, and linger
for collectively we are
charted and chained
told what to do one minute
and refusing the next
heroes of the technological age
reduced to zombies
invoking muscle memory




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