take the long view

weeks pass again, and
another morning fell into my lap
there was no herald
no revelation
i got stuck on the first line
in and out of time
as this
subtle haze
lingered on me
like an old coat
waiting to be washed
or thrown away
the future was a
tangled mess
of past and present threads
a song
without a chorus

it was a joke really
i didn’t want to write
i’d forgotten what it was like
i’d forgotten so many things
as of late, with
days ground down
to a simple task
nights spent dreaming, drinking,
fucking, and sleeping

so I splashed water on my face
and, in haste
grabbed a book and
turned on the computer
because, who can sleep in
with all these cats, dogs,
this,damned internal clock

and after all these pages
they still don’t define me
because these words provide
constant renovation, reinvention
there are too many stars
and not enough supporting actors
and the truth
is stranger than fiction

cats playing in a bathtub
too much chatter
and i remember thinking
we, all of us
get old, some
sooner than others

i’ve watched them all
settle down and settle up
they are the lucky ones i think
there’s only so much crazy
one man can take

it seems that now
we are all aged hardware
almost obsolete, and
waiting for the next generation
to take the stand

my friend said
just be simple
and i was reminded of the old woman
beautiful, blissful on her meager routine
and happy for all she had
remember the fall
first blood
the death of old
and please, don’t stay cold

these bones aren’t (c)old
but i know
they will be
the only salvation
is in self control





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