closing time

midnight, tired in the rain
quiet, like the moment of lsd revelation
herbal tea with
cotton candied dreams
sitting in the gallery
and wondering what it’s all for
as the wind,
on her invisible wings
slowly offers to carry me
to a reluctant retirement

the magic and horror of this
digital world
is mixed with multiple monitors,
organic cpu’s, fiber optics, and
streams of unconscious thought
we are constantly composing
and decomposing
on a need to share basis
seeking to capture an audience
and make them love us
with untitled scriptures
and captioned images

life is a series of moving pictures
unconnected till the moment of sad creation
moving towards nothing,
nowhere, and no one
caught on a captivating safari
and fed a steady diet of hope and bullshit
i calculated how to commandeer and cage
this wild cognition, for you see
i’m a wall between two magnets
it’s been two days since i’ve sat here
and still i’m unable to conclude this
mind trip

unending, one breath it was a
shallow sleep in the misty morning
with only one fuck to give
i woke up wet and hard
shooting the moon and waiting for
coffee, bacon and sex
it’s habitual hypocrisy
consternation and confirmation
unable to resist the tidal pull
somehow this beast is still prowling
lurking like a stray cat, scrawny and underfed
blink, blink, blink
then suddenly
with a few simple words
is robbed of all his power





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