we’re all just a bunch of savages

it was a jungle of sorts
the throbbing frenzy of drums
floated in the background
i was armed with nothing
but a beat up notebook and a dying laptop
i found myself in an old cadillac, black
with a trunk full of drugs,guns
maps and rum
two days worth of food
no coffee, and too few smokes (let’s go)
looking in the rearview mirror
i saw papers strewn across the backseat
filled with riddles, ravings,
secrets of some mad prophet
searching for the american dream
that poor bastard probably never saw it coming
maybe some mysteries are best left unsolved
it was a long slow drive
down a white road
one side of the night glowing
the other,dark
duality, an imperfect balance
terror and ecstasy all rolled into one
a tightly knit chaos
asleep in leather seats
i dreamt of pirates and ninjas
stolen cars, and blinking lights
jedi’s without mind tricks
and cops in drag
their once shiny badges now dull and ridiculous
smooth criminals with hand grenades and lollipops
and red headed girls with tattoos and chains
hind legs reared and ready to go
this city,so deadly and full of lights
sounds and smells overwhelm
purposeful in their temptations
i can’t decide anymore
if this is a dream
or another life (we all lead two you know)
but one thing is obvious
the inmates truly are running the asylum
and now there’s a mouse
in a blue house
and the cat’s in the corner
for the right moment





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