death in vanity

that cool grey is creeping closer
with curtains caught in full sail
half remembered whispers
swing lightly on the morning breeze
hanging on the edge of anticipation
there’s something or someone
lurking just over the horizon
i love it i
want it
but i
memento mori

gods give us bipolar weather
for this dysfunctional world
violence in the mind’s eye
yet somehow the pacifists
rule the streets with
hunger regret and despair
absurd slogans litter the landscape
all waiting to be washed away
in unholy wars of socialism
such nonsense let us hope
that in time
the fools are revealed and reviled

god save me from this contrived boredom
memories mixed with video games
and social media hell
outsiders like to criticize and critique
but this virtual world means nothing
if you believe you’re one of the chosen few
so restless and tired
the future seems impossible
call it schizophrenic justice
i feel quiet and i think
we’re really far from this place





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