what’s up how are ya
did you know god is an alien
and satan shot the bird
i like blasphemy
too much talk of
politics and religion
we used to have faith
in each other
now all we have is
faith in the state
divided and conquered
gimme what’s mine
but what’s really going on
i think the planets’ dying
and nobody cares
fat women with too much makeup
and well manicured plastic men
bitch on high definition screens
about all the wrong things
fear of rainbows
but what about
the homeless lady
down the road
flashy and psychotic bankers
radiation in the pacific
and the spread of that
disease called democracy
war is your poison now
drink it under the watchful eye
of the NSA and all your other
false godsß
i like to fight, argue
to piss the average person off
wake them up and break them down
back to basics planting
that nagging thought
that makes you wonder
simple and fun
humanity is like my backyard
too many little piles of shit
littering an otherwise beautiful landscape
sooner or later you’re bound to step in it
and take it with you everywhere you go





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