out of order

not much has changed
these last few months
years and days
worked and reworked
revision is a slow process
and still i sit
in my car
to watch the
pass by

at midday
i saw a man
with many faces
sitting on a
park bench
and waiting
while a single mom
labored over an
expensive stroller

new house new phone
a new book and a new girl
but inattention remains
satan still cracks the
whip of temptation
from time to time
and the priests
are harder to find
give me the number for
the local exorcist

vanilla vapes
and cheaper beer
with hustlers on every corner
the wind still carries
the smell of
fast food and
winter’s torment

it’s not so bad
to be an outsider
with glass eyes
and rabbit ears
i’ve learned
how to destroy angels
and laugh at demons
i think i’ll stay
for a minute or two




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