a matter of perspective

i have
two curious cats
one whiny dog
a good hearted kid
and a hallowed hovel
to house them in
a car that’s falling apart
five dollars in my pocket
and a job that doesn’t quit
a variety of guns, blades
an old pair of shoes
and a new purple shirt
a pot full of coffee
beer, english muffins
and cheese
in the fridge

i have
a cellphone that talks
video games music
three computer screens
and more books
than i can count
a dart board on my porch
warm fluffy slippers on my feet
and a ghetto wood stove
a backyard full of snow
a basement full of junk
a mom, dad, sisters
and a few friends who care

i have
nights filled
with peace and quiet
a notepad
and a microphone
to last a lifetime
a beat up body hardened with experience
that still works from time to time
a full head of hair
lined with silver
a mind that still dreams
of magic and
the will to put it all to paper





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