inspired by ricky

fuck those men in robes and suits
who would be kings
fuck religion fuck politics
fuck congress fuck the senate
fuck the church
fuck the state
fuck nanny laws

fuck bankers and money changers
fuck central banks and inflation
fuck slavery
fuck corporations and their slick ad campaigns
fuck propaganda

fuck oil fuck gas
fuck global warming and climate change
fuck the roads
fuck snow fuck ice

fuck love fuck sex
fuck drugs fuck alcohol
fuck holidays
fuck cancer
fuck health insurance and hack doctors

fuck overpriced cheap consumer goods
fuck television and radio
fuck the mainstream media
fuck pop stars telling you how to think

fuck smartphones
fuck whiners on the internet
fuck Facebook
fuck censorship
fuck gun grabbers

fuck ignorance and intolerance
fuck indoctrination masking as education
fuck time and all the ways it’s wasted

fuck life and
fuck death in a thousand ways

fuck you fuck me
fuck all the labels that separate and divide us
fuck these words cause they don’t mean a thing
and most of all fuck giving a fuck :-p


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