satans’ hiding in the bushes
and god sees everything you do
“you better watch yourself” they’d say
those grizzly nuns with their bad habits
it was always a game
of fear and compliance
submission to a hell
less frightening than the next
even as a child I felt the compulsion
to resist,rebel
possessed ,that unholy ghost made me
question obedience, authority
haunting, it’s never left
the world needs a little obscenity

right, on to the next move
the chessboard has been sitting
idle far too long
i missed the big football game last night
intentionally of course, I’ve never been
a sports man, my vices are
more effusive
I still hear them cry “phreedum!” though
even as the boys in blue
become the men in black
buy low sell high
vote harder, trust in
the rule of law
blah blah blah
political philosophy there’s
a oxymoron if I ever heard one
the old system is black with rot and
even non-violent hippies dream of
rEvolution sometimes
propaganda has set the human race back
hundreds of years
kings are killers,worshipped
while men of peace are jailed and
artists are ridiculed and starve
most love their chains
because, barley noticed,
they fit so comfortably
upon their minds
there’s a radical conviction in youth
and hardened wisdom in old age
i’m on to their game


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