on the surface

take a trip
a slip
in the woods
constantly writing about
what’s on the surface
bitching about what isn’t
there’s a full belly
but a mind and soul
starved for attention
some days are just like
a bad acid trip
stuck on the repeat cycle
so chew on that for a moment
now the poor drive beat up cars
down used up highways
and everyone talks
about their feelings
Peter Pan in the land of Nod
and somehow
the television is still
the medium of choice
i’m a stowaway
i don’t consume
much pop culture
so that makes me no fun
at parties
but that’s ok
cause i’ve lived a hundred lives
vicariously through books and
an overactive imagination
it’s the great(and unknown) artists
that drive me away from mediocrity
in this age
everyone’s a star
for a moment at least
and there are no rules to break








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