it’s hard to say

what drives us?
i wonder if we’re ever truly ready
because change seems to come so suddenly
on wings of uncertainty and fear
though if we’re honest with ourselves
it’s been in the making quite awhile

what’s lost usually isn’t forgotten
but simply put in the back room of our minds
in the hope of finding something different, and
it’s in that place that memories can hide
with a certain safety
usually however, the days just roll on
and not much changes

would you learn something new my friend?
maybe, but as they say, old habits die hard
and there’s security in
that mild form of insanity
watching the little people
as they act upon the stage
of everyday life
to be a casual observer
and nothing more

i’m not so sure i want to stand out anymore
i’m not so sure i want something unfamiliar
sometimes i want to talk
in one direction, to the world
but most times
sitting alone by the fire
with a glass of rum
a cigarette
and evoking melodies
would almost be enough

yet, the door to that back room
keeps opening, refusing to be shut
what was it the poet said?
“time is memories, mixed with desire”
indeed it may be
perhaps now
change as it is
wont seem so sudden
or scary
maybe, just maybe
we really can grow……





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