it starts off with a joke
and a sip, or two
walking, talking, and stalking boredom
from one scene to the next
voices, sounds, and hot flashes
all i want is some metal mercy
the beer takes forever to drain
as everything dances,
out of phase…with one eye closed
movement, a reprieve, then…
quiet, almost thawed on a starry night
with traffic lights gleaned
in the eyes of children
driving or walking the streets
endlessly seeking something
as the moon sends her glow
pale and whole
i remember the park bench, lamp posts
and how cold it was
the snow was absent
but the air chilled me just the same
thank god for my cigarette
contrary to popular belief
alcohol does not keep you warm
there’s graffiti in obscure places
it’s a language secret and universal
that we all recognize but fail to understand
in time cars pass by,
indifferent, slowly in sync and
set to their own missions
I’m invisible or so it seems
to the strangers that hug in jubilation
searching for their cars
neutral is the gear
held in waiting
for good people who,
indecisive, lollygag till fate
strikes them unevenly





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