stop for a minute stranger
look around and tell me
how you see this world
in markets, bars and
on the television
socially, all contrived and cordial
chatter without feeling
smiles and fearful eyes
are you wanted, no just needed
at least for a moment
sit down my friend
have a beer, and maybe
one last bonfire
cause in these cold months
the words begin to escape me
there’s elation and desperation
on the wandering horizon
so now i’ve become
a warrior of inattention
plagued with disjointed sensations
moments of fitness and transmission
the time for hibernation is near and
that feeling is almost gone
thankfully, but not completely
it’s just different now
the ghost of loss is just that…
ethereal, and distant
of course there are
mindless days and tv nights
consumed with boredom and lust
lost books that gain dust
but writing changes still patterns
spirit of the upper chaos
help me find the caretaker of night
or my lack of sleep may
drive me down a highway
of  hardened madness
but at least I have my cats
those beautiful anarchic beasts
and in the end what more could I ask





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