in time

there’s an eminent feeling
that change must come but
it won’t because
all the words
have been written
and all the songs
have been sung
twice already
and everyone’s waiting
for the new messiah
their is an unfulfilled climax
approaching like a
mid afternoon summer storm
and most
are strangers to it
all but the few
naive and noble
beer drowned hearts
can still feel it
on the wind
the hermits and the whores
are always the best seers
it seems that today
the typewriter and the notebook
are all but dead now
replaced by infernal
correcting machines
and star trek communicators
pop culture has killed
the lovers, poets, sages of the past
and now the young
worship the god of bling,
ignorant media monkeys
and have nothing but
sex, money, and a worthless education
as their, backdrop…salvation
so few have the soul
of anarchic cats,
rock n roll, tequila and LSD
old men, and tired women
try in vain to
heal the wounds of modern society
but the systems of the beast
continue to eat us, slowly
well, I say, bite back!
chomp at them relentlessly
erode their mechanisms of control
not with your guns,
but with your words
actions that breed a
type of warm and healthy insanity,
drink your drink, and
with a hard microphone
spew forth mad truths
and radical love
save yourself and
in time others may follow





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