The drugs took hold of me suddenly
I was gripped, shaken
from a dull and uninteresting
It was then that I began to catch
a glimpse of
worlds hidden from a
9-5 existence
Now, the thing about LSD
is that there is
no such thing as moderation
Once your mind starts to go sideways
there’s no point in holding back
it’s best to just go with it
As I sat under the moonlit tree
pondering what had become of
this twisted world, and me
I reached for the bottle
it’s shape was regal, dominate
I pressed it to my lips
and I felt
the last vestiges of
normalcy seeping from
my bones
that familiar feeling of
confusion and elation
was creeping up on me
and I knew there was no stopping it
of course there’s also an interesting
yet unfamiliar sense of joy
of what COULD happen
when you’re hallucinating
anything is possible
without warning I felt
the need to get up and go
it was time to walk
time to discover whatever
mysteries were off
in the distance
it was one of those trips
the night was young
and so was I
this time I knew
there would be no coming back





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