12:30 am

i’m up again waiting, ready
to show the world
how crazy it takes to be real
i drifted out of sleep
to remember the day
and all the faces, places
the questions of how we got here
and where to go now
suddenly i remember the sidewalk
and how it was littered
with cigarette butts
and indifference
and how
the sky was painted with
the energy of a thousand lost souls
and the random smiles
of those who’ve been found
all those messages
and her words were weapons
each line giving me hope
but at the same time
twisting like a butter knife in my gut
you see again I drift
it’s harder than you know
to be sane, and creative
now, the microphone is cocked
and ready to go
i’m charged with slightly caffeinated tea
and nicotine
the white screen stares at me
while my throat burns
and my mind turns
it’s almost time now
i think I’m ready…




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