“Have you ever walked naked
in the damp midnight summer air?
times like that make me feel alive”

“Those damn sirens
forever disturbing my peace…”

Life has changed over the last few years,
I’m not old but I’m not quite young anymore.
I find myself thinking a lot, what was, what is,
what could’ve been, and what should have been.
When you’re younger you never quite see the future clearly.
Dreams remain untouched by harsh realities.
I continue, and I learn, rather slowly I might add.
I’ve never believed in fate, and I still don’t.
I do however believe that we attract certain people into our lives.
These people are meant to evoke emotions and create situations
which give us the opportunities to learn and grow.
I’ve noticed that every time I think I learn a lesson,
I discover how ignorant to life’s mysteries I really am.
My passion and my creativity are handicapped by my realism and my laziness.
Living in now has its benefits, however I’ve noticed that living like that all the time,
without balance, I’ve missed out and been blinded to the some of the special moments and people around me.
I miss those moments more than words can ever tell.
It’s hard to chase the future, when you’re holding onto a past that has let you go.
How do you let go of something, or someone that has orbited your life like the sun or moon?
How do you watch change, and flow with it?
How do you adapt to the reality
that you’re not who you thought you were?
Even if that’s a good thing.
How do you embrace what you’ve become?
Somewhere in thought@12am

“A little dip into the waters of madness from time to time is a good thing I think, it helps you keep life in perspective….”


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