all of this is a dream
one that I choose and shape
with hollow words
and impulsive actions
a chance to wander,
and perhaps discover wisdom,
taste pleasure
or at least free myself
from this cruel mistress
called slavery
but then
the universe begins to
conspires against me
it’s time to run,
far away, until
i hear the ghost of beethoven,
the whispers of thoreau
and the clicking of keys
the snapshots of life
are catching up with me
and fading to black and white
a mind without reason
a body without purpose
a human sideshow, carnival
of meaningless distraction
it seems that
i kill my dream a little more
each day
for what chance do i have now?
Life goes on
with it’s wonders and terrors
But in the end we’re all liars
even if only
we lie to ourselves





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