I choose to be Happy AND Free!


“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.”  -Lao Tzu

Are you free, Are you happy?

The more I observe society the more I see how distracted we all are.  In an age of instantaneous mass media it’s difficult not to be.  Distractions can be good from time to time,  they provide us with a much needed outlet, and a little happiness.  For many of us however, the trick seems to be achieving a balance between activism and happiness.  Personally I believe that activism and happiness are not mutually exclusive.  Those of us in the Liberty mission that engage in various forms of activism are informed.  We tend to keep up with current events and the tyrannies creeping up on us.  This can have the effect of making one very pessimistic, and often times negativity and hopelessness can set in.  That doesn’t have to be the case…….Activism, no matter how small can and does produce positive change.  Can you see it?  Look for the subtle signs, “ordinary folks” beginning to watch and comment on your posts more, those same folks starting to ask questions.  Ideas that once seemed “crazy” among your friends and family are not deemed so any more.  Remember we’re not out to “convert” anyone, all I seek to do is water the flower of Liberty in other individuals and watch it grow.  To me happiness can be derived from watching someone evolve from your indirect actions and ideas I’ve tried to plant…..remember that “nagging thought”? .

Now what about personal happiness?  Many of us in the Liberty mission get so wrapped up in what we do, that we forget to take part in a little fun from time to time, or if we do we feel “guilty”.  This is ridiculous!  How can you as an individual expect to inspire others if you’re miserable, or if you’re worn out from all the “bad news”?  I believe that it’s paramount to take some time to enjoy with friends and family…..cherish that time.  Not only does it feed the body and soul, but in the process friends and family my be inspired and learn a thing or two.  The “elites”, the state, or whatever you choose to call them, want us to be burned out…..fearful, and miserable.  They draw their power form those feelings, the more we do to increase our happiness, and independence, the more we deprive them of their power and control.  I strive everyday to find balance.  I have found that balance = peace, and I’m more effective now because of that balance…….are you?

Be mindful the mistakes of the past, take steps to shape a positive future, and most importantly…..Live for today, it could be your last!


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